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©2019  by Mark Ali For Congress. 

  •    Equal Rights Amendment

  •   Universal Background Checks

  •   Ban Assault Weapons

  •   Independent Redistricting Committee

  •  Overturn Citizens United

  •  Medicare For All

  •   Immigration Reform

  • Racial Justice 

Countdown To The Democratic Primary 

  •  Amnesty for undocumented and DACA recipients

  •  End Cash Bail And Support Other  Comprehensive Prison Reform

  •  Legalize Marijuana

  •  Tuition Free College

  •  Ban Fracking And Seismic Blasting 

  •  The Green New Deal -Protect Our Planet And All Life Forms

  • Living Wage/$15 Minimum Wage

Mass Incarceration Costs $182 Billion Every Year, Without Adding Much to Public Safety

Black Teens Receive 11 Life Sentences in Crime Where No One Was Hurt

SC Congressional District 5 Map




LeeUnion and York 

counties and parts of NewberrySpartanburg 

and Sumter counties.