Mark is a Progressive candidate running to unrig our corrupt political economy and make the people’s agenda a reality. His background as a Caribbean-American immigrant (Naturalized Citizen) and working class  husband and father  provides direct insight and experience on how the current economy is leaving millions of Americans behind while the billionaire  class and Wall Street keep hoarding more wealth than ever before. It’s no secret that the current system is rigged to benefit them and wealthy career  politicians like the current incumbent for SC Congressional District 5, Ralph Norman. 

Mark Ali’s grassroots campaign is dedicated to unrig the system, close the wealth gap, and create a better and brighter future for all. Mark pledges to never accept corporate PAC or special interest money. 

The time is now to start building a society that’s no longer structured to benefit the elite class and elite politicians, but all people. 

The time is now to provide the security and dignified retirement for seniors. 

The time is now to unrig the system where 40% of Americans don’t have the money to cover a $400 emergency for the next car breakdown, roof repair, or doctor’s visit. 

The time is now to ensure our children will not inherit a world more dangerous, more difficult, and more inequitable than ever before. 

The time is now to unrig the corrupt system that only benefits the takers and create a system that works for us all. 

The time is now to stop asking what more we can do for our country, and start asking what our country can do for us. 

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